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Krasnov Tourist Agency - Perm, Russia. Opening up the Urals...

Great Ring
of the Urals

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Welcome to Krasnov Travel Agency, Perm, Russia
Specialist in Ural Tourism !!

Perm is not the modal industrial Russian city that some people believe it is. Europe's most eastern city at the foothills of the Ural Mountains has a rich cultural history and offers a wide range of must-see places. It is a leading theatre city (it boasted Chaikovsky, Diaghilev, Nadezhda Pavlova) and is known for Mikhail Romanov (the last Russian Tsar), who spent his last years in Perm. Not many foreigners are familiar with Perm, though, mainly because the city was the main centre of Soviet war industry and an absolute fortress - a closed and secret zone inaccessible even to non-Perm-residents, during Soviet times. Because of its closed history, Perm has never had much influence from the outside world. Therefore, it is now one of few places in Russia where the true habits and traditions of Russian culture can be experienced...
Perm (population 1.2 million) offers all that one can expect from a big city. Perm hotels come in all types and sizes and the same goes for its public amenities and its nightlife. As for transport, Perm is accessible through the Trans Siberian Express railroad, through Russia's main motorways, through the Perm airport and through the Kama river - Europe's 4th largest river by size.

As the cultural heart and the former capital of the Urals, Perm is always directly associated with the Ural Mountains. In terms of tourism, the Perm province (Prikamye) is a favourite destination for nature tours in the Urals, because of its extreme diversity. The Perm province, in fact, has a number of rivers and caves that is unmatched in Russia - perfect for long or short outdoor Ural Mountain tours:

Come to Perm and you might find yourself 400m underground in a working salt mine of the historical city of Solikamsk, taking a shot of Russian vodka in the Urals' oldest vodka distillery or having a barbecue at the Europe-Asia border obelisk! And during a holiday here, one simply cannot miss staying overnight at a traditional Russian wooden house with banya (Russian sauna) in a Ural Mountain village.

In short, the Perm province is an adventure, it offers great possibilities - active outdoor travel, cultural tours, or Transsib stopovers, be it summer or winter! Krasnov Travel Agency wishes you welcome to the REAL Russia!

Opening up Perm & the Urals ...

Perm, the most original city for a cultural and adventurous holiday
URAL MOUNTAINS: Enjoy its incredibly beautiful nature!
We specialise in mountain tours for fishing, hunting, hiking, skiing, kayaking, rafting and relaxing!
Our day trips and excursions bring you to the most beautiful sights in the Perm Province
Perm is the kind of city where a true adventurous holiday is guaranteed in all seasons!

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