Some facts about the towns of Prikamye

Karagay – the region of Priobye

Karagay is sometimes called the region of Priobye – according to the name of the Obva River. The first mentioning about these settlements goes back to XII century. The ancient chroniclers wrote to the descendants that these places are rich in woods, wild animals, game birds, that the rivers here are deep and full of fish. Exactly here the slaved peasants who wanted to be free run from boyar-feudal lords.
However, besides runaway peasants in Priobye region got safe other settlers. They settled along the banks of the rivers, treated the ground, hunted, and went fishing. Many villages were not large, 2-3 houses and they were called “pochinki”.
In the historical documents Karagay was firstly mentioned in 1623 as the village of six courts.
Later the earls Stroganovs took a fancy to these places. The part of their ownership for example settlements Rozhdestvenskoe, Zukayskoe and others in 1773 were bought by V.A.Vsevolozhskii. In 1783 the Stroganovs built in Nerdva the Elizabeth-Nerdvinskii plant. The word “Karagay” means “a dark forest”.
Karagay Region was founded by the order of the Ural Oblast/Regional Executive Committee in February 1924.
Among the sightseeing you can choose Rozhdestvenskoe settlement, which refers to the historical monuments of XII-XV centuries. In order to come there, you should get the settlement Rozhdestvensk and rise on the high bank of the Obva River.