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Great Ring
of the Urals

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Perm RegionAbout the cities of Prikamye

Visiting of the cities of Prikamye is due to the fact that it gives unusual impression Ц feeling of proper belonging to the taking place events and to things that already have happened.
For the first sight, they are same looking, on the other hand so different from one another, they have their own fortune, their own page in the chronicle of the native history.
Cherdyn and Solikamsk, Usolye and Kungur Ц are not only our memory, but a wonderful reality of our days. Strict and solemn figures of the cathedrals, cozy quite streets of living areas, majestic rustle of secular trees, slow the count of time; pip us into the atmosphere of pacification, calmness and harmony.
But it should be mentioned that the visiting of the cities of Prikamye is not only culture-historical tourism, but the opportunity to go in for active kinds of rest. Within such cities as Chusovoy, Chaykovskiy, Kungur are situated fine recreation center with the equipped mountain ski traces.
Get acquainted with the cities of Prikamye on our site and we are sure you would like to see them in reality!


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