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Some facts about towns of Prikamye

Suksun - the motherland of Russian samovar

Suksun starts its history from 1651 and in 2001 it was its 350 anniversary. The word suksun is supposed to have Turkic roots and means cold water.

First of all Suksun is famous for its samovars (production of which started in the middle of XVIII century). Besides, Suksun people in the kind are better than Tula citizens. At the end of XIX century the skilled hands of handicraftsmen made about 60000 of samovars a year. After the Great October Revolution the co-operative of copper-smiths was organized, later it grew to the factory in the production of samovars. Filled by the factory workers in the Hokhloma style, decorated by landscapes or pictures of hunting life, samovar remains the symbol and the firm sign of the settlement. You can even be the co-author of the painting if you come to the factory with your own sketch.

But the history of Suksun started from iron making factory which was built by the decree of Akinfiy Demidov. The occasion to the appearance of the factory was the opening in these places the copper deposits. Then as usual the deposits exhausted but the Suksun people did not hasten to stop making their samovars.
Also Suksun came into history with the fact that on its factory the first in Russia steamship with the iron corpus was produced. It was called Nikita Demidov.

On the way to the settlement the tourist will be thrilled by the beauty of the local landscape a fine pond and a village, stretched on its banks.
The dam of the pond is situated in the center of Suksun. A part of the banks is low and swamp, from the south - east immediately to the water ship timber of the Suksun bore is close. Clean and clear pine forest-park is a wonderful place for foot walks.
In the side with Suksun pond part of the bore pines are about 32 m, the average age of the trees is 90-120 years, but it is possible to see gigantic pines which could be seen as the young trees at the beginning of XIX century. Pines older than 200 years are very rare for Prikamye.

In the epoch of Peter I in Suksun region mineral sources with a high level of hydrogen sulphide, drinking mineral water and the unique silt dirt of Suksun pond were discovered. Not to let all this gifts of nature lost in vain; in 1826 it was decided to build a resort in 17 km from Suksun called Kluchi famous in the Urals sanatoria. Today here about 6000 people a year have a rest and treat.

There is its own temple in Suksun the church of Peter and Paul: not large wooden building, in which the ceremony has been never stopped. Here the relic of the Suksun region is kept the icon of the Gods Mother Neopalimaya Kupina, which as if by a magic appeared in this region at the end of the XVII century. In honor of the miracle a place in the region of the village Sasykovo was consecrated, where from the 7-meters rock overthrew the waterfall Plakun. In the morning light pure tears of the waterfall are as if silver. The effect is unforgettable.

The traditions, ceremonies and folklore of the region is rich. If you want to acquaint with them you should visit the centers of the national Russian, Mari and Tatar Bashkir Culture working in Suksun.

Suksun region is a real heaven for the lovers of an active rest. During the past years it has become a place of a real pilgrimage of the beginners and skillful mountain-skiers, lovers of pare plan, delta plan, and parachute sport. In Kluchi a rope tow for mountain-skiers was built , in winter the ski traces are laid.
In summer the lovers of active rest rush to the Sylva-river. For one it is swimming and rest near the river, for the others rafting which can last from 2 to 10 days. Flat-boats, canoes, catamarans, rafts, John-boats are used for this.

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