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Krasnov Tourist Agency - Perm, Russia. Opening up the Urals...

Great Ring
of the Urals

Unique tour

Perm - Michael Romanov, Ekaterinburg (Yekaterinburg) - Ganina Yama, Monastery of Blood, Romanov Monastery, Nicholas Romanov, Mikhail II, Alapayevsk, Tobolsk, Tyumen

The last steps of the Russian Tsars - the Romanov dynasty

8-day cultural tour
following the exile of the Romanov Dynasty in the Urals and western Siberia

The Romanovs in the UralsTour program, day-to-day

Day 1 (odd date)
Arrival in Moscow (optional program). Transfer from Airport to train station. Departure to Perm by train #002 “Rossiya” at 21:20, or train #018 “Kama” at 21:40.

Day 2
Arrival at Perm-II train station in the evening. Meeting with guide, transfer to hotel, overnight stay in hotel in the centre of the city, around the corner of former accommodation of grand duke Mikhail Romanov.

Day 3
Breakfast. City tour Perm. Among places to visit:

  • “Hotel No. 1”. This is the place where Mikhail Alexandrovich Romanov (and his secretary Brian Johnson) lived the last period of his life. Entrance to the former hotel, which now functions as a dormitory for employees of the Perm Drama Theatre.
  • The Yegoshikha Cemetary. Several friends and relatives of grand duke Mikhail (Michael) Romanov are buried here.
  • The Romanov Chapel. This chapel was built as a remembrance of Mikhail Romanov. It is situated just outside Perm, on the place where the grand duke was murdered.
  • The Perm Academical Opera & Ballet theatre "Tchaikovsky", one of the most famous theatres in Russia and one of Mikhail Romanov's most favourite places.
  • Other places connected with the Grand Duke, such as the Kama river, the former Perm Cheka and the historical Sibirskaya Street.

Lunch. Departure to Cherdyn - the first settlement of the Central Urals. Halfway, you will pass through the town of Solikamsk. Solikamsk is the “salt-cellar” of Russia; during Soviet times, it even had state monopoly on salt production. Solikamsk is an ancient town (it used to be the capital of the Urals), developed by the Stroganovs. Arrival in Cherdyn, dinner. Russian banya. Overnight stay in guest house.

Day 4
Breakfast. Excursion to the pilgrimage settlement of Nyrob. Visit of the Nicholas (Nikolai) Church and the hole in the yard - the place of confinement of Mikhail Nikitich Romanov (uncle of the first Romanov tzar) in 1601. He was throwns into a pit and died there. When the Romanovs came to power in 1613, they had a church built at the site - the Church of Saint Nicholas. His former grave in Nyrob is still marked. In 1998, the current descendants of the Romanov family came to Nyrob to visit the site.
Back to Cherdyn, lunch. Excursion to ancient Cherdyn, visit to the Cherdyn museum of local lore, where the shackles are kept with which Mikhail Romanov was chained in 1601. Short sightseeing through Cherdyn, with some impressive views over the town on the banks of the Kolva river. Arrival in Perm. Dinner at restaurant in Perm. Transfer to train station. “Baikal Express” train (the Moscow – Irkutsk Express) to Tyumen, departure from Perm at 22:01.

Day 5
Arrival in Tyumen at 08:18. Meeting with guide at train station. Breakfast in Tyumen. City tour including a visit to the house where the nun of Nikolai Romanov II used to live. She was exiled there. Visit to Russia’s national gold reserve, which is also the place where they hid Lenin’s body during the Great Civil War. Departure to Tobolsk with a lunch stop. Visit to the Museum of Rasputin in the village of Pokrovka on the way to Tobolsk (90kms). Arrival in Tobolsk. Overnight stay in hotel, located very near to the Tobolsk Kremlin.

Day 6
Breakfast. Tobolsk city tour, including a visit to the study of Nikolai Romanov II and the Zavalnoe Cemetery. Lunch. Tour to the Kremlin of Tobolsk, the Prisoner’s Castle and a state-protected museum. Excursion to city museum, including the city archives; excursion to the Tobolsk Monastery. Night train to Ekaterinburg, departing from Tobolsk just before 9pm.

Day 7
Arrival in Ekaterinburg. Transfer to hotel. Shower, breakfast. Excursion to Ganina Yama - the Romanov Monastery (at the secret mass grave of Nicholas II Romanov’s family), visit to the Monastery of Blood (the place of the former Ipatiev's house), the museum of Yekaterinburg's ethnography, exposing wax figures and authentic photos of the Emperor's family. Lunch. Excursion to Koptyakie (situated 30 km from Yekaterinburg), which has a monument remembering of the assassinations of the Romanovs. Dinner. Overnight stay in hotel in Ekaterinburg.

Day 8
Breakfast. Full day-excursion to the town of Alapayevsk. In Alapayevsk visit to the Chaikovsky Museum. Collections of museums of musical instruments, of painting and woodwork. Furthermore, an excursion to the place of murder of members of the Romanovs family near Alapaevsk - including the school where Ella was held. Lunch in Alapayevsk. Back to Ekaterinburg, transfer to airport. Flight from Ekaterinburg at 22:05 to Moscow. Arrival Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport 22:50. Onward flight/optional program.

The last steps of the Russian tsars
Basic tour 8 days
Prices p.p. in euro (€), including train Moscow – Perm and flight Ekaterinburg – Moscow as described. Meals also included as described.

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