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Krasnov Tourist Agency - Perm, Russia. Opening up the Urals...

Great Ring
of the Urals

Unique tour

Vishersky - nature reserve

Some facts about towns of Prikamye

Krasnovishersk - the capital of diamonds

Krasnovishersk town is called the capital of diamonds, wooden industry and is known as mecca of Nothern tourism.
Ural’s Stones, rocks, mountains are called the places of Power, which were described in novels of Sergey Alekseev “The treasures of Valkiria”.

Krasnovishersk is the town in the North-West of Perm region, administrative centre of Krasnovishersky region. The city is situated in the Western part of the region, on the left bank of the river Vishera, the most beautiful river of the Nothern Urals. In the North it borders with Komi republic, in the South with Solokamsk region and with the territory of the town Aleksandrovsk, in the East with Sverdlov region and in the West with Cherdinsky region.

Transport connection between  local centers and towns is only by road transport. The nearest railway station is in 100 km, in Solikamsk.
The economy of the region is based on using mineral resourses and since 1998, the region has become the main donor.

Krasnovishersky region is famous either for its industry or for its incredible nature. Every year a lot of tourists are willing to see the unique places of Krasnovishersky region.

On the territory of Vishersky region there is Vishersky reserve, for its size it’s the fourth largest in Europe. Here is the highest range of mountains in the Western Urals – Mount Tulym, and residual mountains Yern-Puny, Munin-Tump, Chertov Palets, Pasar-Vat-Munin-Nel; miniature waterfalls up to 9 meters high, mountain lakes and rivers, wild caves and grottos, springs with clear water, which has constant temperature in winter and spring.

In Vishersky you can get acquainted with unique flora and fauna of the region. You will find over twenty kinds of plants, which are red-listed.

In  Vishersky reserve you can meet huge elks and bears, northern  deer, beavers and sables. In  rivers live otters and graylings.

In harsh regions everything is pure clean - the air, the water and the snow.
On the top of the mountain, with the name Sakhalaim-Sori-Chachl, which was given by Mancie people, there is a unique point of Urals, the intersection of the  boarders of Europe, Asia, Perm and Sverdlov regions and  Komi-Permytskiy autonomus districkt. And also the confluence of rivers: Ob, Pechora and Volga.

On the way from Krasnovishersk to village Vaya you can find Pomyanjonny Stone, in this place a legendary “Golden Woman”, that was brought here many centuries before from India and became the symbol of Urals.

There is a belief, the power of the stone can bring  positive changes into your life, we don’t know, if it is true or not, but what we can guarantee is  exciting and  fascinating trips to remember!

Pisany stone with rock paintings
River Vishera - view from Vetranoy stone
Pisany Stone
Stone Govorlivy
Stone Vetlan
Stone Vetlan
Diamond's producting drag
View to taiga from Stone Polud
Ural's taiga in winter
View from Pomyanjonny Stone
The tastiest fish - grayling

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