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Some facts about the towns of Prikamye

Chaikovsky – the town of rest in the south of Prikamye

Chaikovsky is a modern, dynamic town. It was built at the place of the old settlement Saygatka, famous from even XVII century. Through Saygatka the Pugachev’s detachments came. There were smithies, mills, trade landing stages, furriery and tar-distilling productions here. The birth of the city is connected with the building the Vodkinsk hydro - electric station on the Kama River. In 1956 at the place of Saygatka a working settlement Chaikovsky was founded, in 1962 it got the status of the city. Chaikovsky is famous for its production of fabrics. Peeping to the factory “Chaikovsky Textile”, you can learn how the character of the drawing and manufacture of fabrics have been changed since 1966.

To peep into the atmosphere of native holiday’s architecture-ethnographical complex “Saygatka” will help. The traditional holidays are very interesting held there – Christmas-tide, Pancake week, First days of autumn and others. The lovers of art would be interested to visit the picture gallery. There you can see the unique part of the fond: Russian aquarelle portrait of the first part of the XIX and Russian painting of XIX - beginning of the XX century and also famous Kaslinsk casting.
Not far from Chaikovsky, in neighbouring Udmurt republic, in the city of Votkinsk there is a memorial-architect complex “Museum-manor in the honor of P.I.Chaikovsky”. The house was built in a typical nobleman’s manor of that time (1806). Today in the museum-manor there are excursions and theatre shows, exhibitions and "in costume" holidays.
Chaikovsky is a fine place for the lovers of active rest. In the picturesque place, on the bank of a large old pond, on the square of more than 4 hectare there is a private residence “Slovenian court”, the family house of the painters Swedomskye.
Though it is the museum complex, here all the conditions for rest are created . Private residence “Slovenian court” goes ideally with the conducting of ceremonies, banquets and business meetings. In service there are boats and catamarans.
On the bank – Russian bath-house, comfortable places for rest, beach, verandahs, braziers.

Disposable to the holiday-makers, in 8 km from Chaikovsky, there is the sport complex “Snowflake”, which includes camping, 4 mountain-ski slopes, tramlines, ski traces. Here you can take ski, sledges and mountain-ski inventory on hire. There are buffets, a bar, a Russian bath-house.
In summer time you can have a rest on the bank of Saygatsky gulf. Usually the tent camps are placed here and boats can be taken on hire on the base “Wave”.
Very popular among the holidaymakers of the Perm Region is a trip to Chaikovsky by water roads. In summer time on week-ends regularly motor ship tours Perm – Chaikovsky – Perm are organized. Nobody will stay indifferent, watching the beauty of the river range, invigorative freshness of the breeze. Having pleasantly rested on the motor ship, tourists have time to visit the city and have good time on the bank of the Kama river, having taken a boat or a catamaran on hire .

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