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Wooden Architecture Museum "Khokhlovka" excursion

The hill on which Khokhovkla lies.You definately will not regret the absolutely beautiful open-air Museum of Wooden Architecture and Ethnography "Khokhlovka"! Khokhlovka is probably the most interesting and undoubtly the most beautiful museum of the whole province. The museum is the located on a truly picturesque hill, washed on three sides by the Kama River and is a collection of original wooden structures - such as houses, farms, barns, salt work building, churches and mills, all with full furniture, handicrafts and even clothing (!) - as they existed in the 17th century. The oldest building there, the Our Lady Church, dates from 1694. The structures were taken from all over the Ural area and taken to Khokhlovka to be renovated there.

Kama hydro damThe ride to Khokhlovka takes some 30-40 minutes (depending on your hotel), during which you can enjoy the unspoiled nature along the small roads that lead towards the museum. On the way, a stop is made at the huge hydro-electricity dam across the Kama river. The dam was opened in 1950 and produces a large share (500MW) of Perm's electricity consumption.

Khokhlovka, museum of ethicity and wooden architecture On arrival at the museum, you will get a guided tour, enabling you to step back 300 years in time and to get an idea of the hard Russian village life. The guide will obviously provide you with anecdotes and extensive information as you are taken from building to building. The tour through the museum will takes some 2 hours.

Open-air Museum of wooden architecture "Khokhlovka"
Duration: 5 hours
Prices p.p. in euro (€), subject to change


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