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Krasnov Tourist Agency - Perm, Russia. Opening up the Urals...

Great Ring
of the Urals

Unique tour

Active tours in the Ural Mountains...

URAL OUTDOOR - catamaran trip over the river VisheraMultiple-day Ural tours

The Ural Mountain range, that follows the entire eastern border of the Perm province has many faces and offers unlimited possibilities for outdoor adventures! Coming from the west, the Urals form the first region with extensive nature. Its sceneries, peaks, rocks, caves, uncountable rivers, vast taiga and numerous - often ancient - villages and towns provide excellent opportunities for active outdoor tours. Furthermore, our province boasts a 25.000 square kilometre nature reserve, need we say more??

URAL OUTDOOR - the chudesnitsa cavesWe from Krasnov Travel Agency know the region, its attractions, its nature based guest houses and Russian-style tour camps like no other. We make use of first hand quality equipment and transport means. Our (local) guides have great experience in organisation of group tours and are chosen for their knowledge and love of the tour areas. Responsible tourism with regard to nature is one of our priorities.

We have made a variety of only the very best tours and routes for you to choose from. The options are categorised below. For particular tours which are not listed, or for individual itineraries, you can mail us.

URAL OUTDOOR - hike on Mount KolpakiURAL OUTDOOR - cross country skiing on the Koiva river banks
URAL OUTDOOR - panorama from Pomyanyonny RockURAL OUTDOOR - boating on the river Moiva in Viskersky Nature Reserve


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