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Krasnov Tourist Agency - Perm, Russia. Opening up the Urals...

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Solikamsk, former capital of the Urals and salt cellar of Russia

Solikamsk (literally: salts of Kama) is the most northern town in the Perm province. It was founded in 1430. Even though Solikamsk is not particularly big, yet it is a very well-known place throughout Russia for its salt industry. In the 16th century, large amounts of salt were found in the northern Kama area and Solikamsk was erected in no-time to be the only salt mining town in the whole country. The salt-cellar of Russia mined (and still mines) many types of salt, processed them to consumption and industrial salt and used the Kama river to ship the salts to the large Russian cities in the west.
The city gained importance by the year and even grew out to be the official capital of the Urals 1636 tot 1738! The industry was at its peak in the 17th century. After the state declared Solikamsk to gain state monopoly for salt and started dominating the production, the flourishing industry was brought to a decline, nearly resulting in complete termination in the late 1870s. However, in 1887, the Ustj-Borovskoy salt factory was built and Solikamsk once again became the main salt producer of Russia. Solikamsk still holds this title today as modern factories and mines were built in the 1980s.



Departure from Perm to Solikamsk (220kms.) by car/minibus with guide. Guide gives information along the road.
Arrival in Solikamsk, at the working “Silvinit” salt mines. Change clothing to miners-outfit and instruction for mine excursion.
Start of excursion into the mine-shafts, with English speaking guide and mine engineer. On excursion you will see all assets of salt mining (transportation, excavation, processing, etc., taking pictures is allowed). Note that the Silvinit salt mines are modern and CLEAN mines and should in no way be compared with, for example, coal mines.
Return from the mines, shower/sauna.
Lunch in mine canteen (included)
Excursion in Silvinit Museum , explanation of history and development of salt mining.
Excursion in the ancient city centre of Solikamsk, the former capital of the Ural Mountains. Climb bell tower, and visit several small museums.
Dinner (included) in café/restaurant in Solikamsk
Departure to Perm
Arrival at hotel in Perm

Solikamsk Salt City tour
Duration: full day
Prices p.p. in euro (€), subject to change
For group prices (min. 10 persons), please inquire


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