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Some facts about towns of Prikamye

Berezniki – a chemical giant

Berezniki is considered to be the youngest cities of the region, but this area started to grow even in the IX century. Archeologists had founded within the precincts of the city a site of the Stone Age – the site of ancient settlement.
And in XVII century the salt was founded here. Such a treasury in those times was supposed to be a great blessing. And in Upper Kama area people started to build the salt – producing factories – traces of which can be found now in the villages Dedukhino, Zyryanka, Veretin. The masters of the factories were earls Stroganovs, who were living according to the principle “Treasuries to the Motherland, name to oneself”. In Berezniki people remember the founder of the Lenvensk mines Grigorii Nikitin and his heirs. We remember the name of engineer-chemist A.A.Samosatskii, the student of D.I.Mendeleev, who projected the soda factory. We also do not forget here the merchant Ivan Ivanovich Lubimov, the owner of this factory.

In the XX century these lands were made famous by the heroes of the first five-year plans who laid the chemical factory and other industrial giants here. In summer 1929 the organizers started to lay the foundation. People dug foundation pits, trenches, and destroyed the old salt-works. In such a way the building of Berezniki’s chemical factory started. It was a special necessity in this. The Soviet government vividly understood that the country needed synthetic ammonia. But it was not only for the defense industry but also for agriculture. In 1930 the building started at full speed.
By the way, among the built objects there was the first in the Soviet Union station of high voltage – Berezniki heat – electric generating plant. On November, 7, 1931 the first current was produced here. The organized working settlements were arranged in a city. On March, 20, 1932 by a special order was decided to unite and to give it the name Berezniki. This date is considered to be the date of its foundation.
What are these places famous for? Many people know that Berezniki is the small motherland of the first Russian president B.Eltsyn. Moreover, Berezniki is supposed to be the native motherland of the famous architect Andrey Voronikhin. According to his projects Kazan Cathedral on the Neva prospect in Saint-Petersburg, ensembles of Petergof and Pavlovsk were built. But there are such kinds of people who do not agree with this. The famous architect was born in Usolye. But according to the fact that sometimes Berezniki’s neighbor does not differ from the capital of Northern Prikamye, such kind of misunderstanding appears. We can say with confidence: Voronikhin is our compatriot. Exactly in this area made the landing the cosmonautic ship “Voshod – 2”, piloting by P.I.Belyaev and A.A.Leonov. By the way, in honor of these events a monument is placed. And immediately on the place of the landing at the territory of Schekinsk administration on the 40-year’s anniversary a memorial was placed. The landing of the space ship was in March 1965.

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