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Some facts about the towns of Prikamye

Kizel and Kizelovskaya Cave

In1558 on the Kizel river was founded a small military settlement, which laid the beginning of the village, and then the town.
In 1786 here started the building of metallurgical plant. At that time also during the building of the dam on the Kizel river a coal-bed was found. At the beginning of 1789 the first blast furnace was started, and in a few years at the bottom of Domenny Hill at the right bank of the Kizelovsky pond was laid the first mine-gallery “Zaprudnaya”, which began to extract coal from 1797.
In 1926 the village Kizel was reorganized into a town of regional submission. The town carefully treats with the monuments of history, culture and architecture, to which the building of the former plant administration, built in 1798 belongs, a memorial sign at the place of the foundation of the first gallery “Zaprudnaya”, a memorial desk in honor of 200-years anniversary of the Kizelovsky coal basin, a memorial complex in honor of Kizel citizens who died during the Great Patriotic War and others. One of the largest and most famous caves of the Perm Region – Kizelovskaya (Visherskaya) cave – was opened in the middle of XIX century. It is situated to the north of Kizel, in carboniferous limestone on the bottom of 10-meters ledge in the valley of the Vishera river.
A lap-robe begins with a big in the shape of a niche deepening, turning into a bottle-neck. The cave is three-storied and it can be divided into the Old cave (south-western) and the New cave (north-eastern), which was opened later. They are linked by a loamy passageway with width of 1-1,5 m and height nearly 0,4 m. The sum length of the ways of the cave is about 7600 meters. The Old cave consists of two meridian aligned ways, connected by short links near the entrance of the cave. Their length is 75-80 meters. Widening of the galleries makes several grottos.
The New cave is almost horizontal, its largest grotto is on the northeastern part – its length is 17 m, the height is nearly 20 m. In one of the grotto there is a small lake, depth nearly 3 m, wandering formations are present only in difficult to access places.

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