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Some facts about the towns of Prikamye

Nyrob the holy place of Ural

A particular attention is given to the most north settlement of Cherdyn region - Nyrob. For the first time it was mentioned in the written sources in 1579. It is supposed that the most beautiful architecture ensemble of the Cherdyn region can be found in Nyrob. In 1705 Nicholas church, which is in the list of memorials of UNESCO, was built there.

Nyrob is ruefully known as the place of the imprisonment and mart rising death of Mikhail Nikhitich Romanov the uncle of the first tsar Romanov. Here in the wall of Bogoevlenskiy cathedral there is a tomb and shackles, in which Romanov was taken to Nyrob from Moscow. The sanctuary of Nyrob is still the hole where M.N.Romanov was kept. Firstly there was a wooden chapel, and from 1793 - a stone one in honor of archangel Mikhail - divine patron of Mikhail Nikhitich. Now at that place there is an iron entourage. In July 1998 near the hole of Mikhail Romanov a service for the dead in the presence of the Romanovs descendants was held.
Nikolskiy spring is supposed to be the saint among the citizens. Its water differs by its unique taste. The citizens connect it with the fact that for the long period of time the icon of Nicholas the Miracle-worker was stored there.

Nearly in 500 m to the south of the town there are two unusual mountains. Through the east mountain there is a deep cleft of about 60-80 cm., which is known among people as a narrow street. According to the legend those who can climb to its top, get the forgiveness and blessing.

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