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Some facts about the towns of Prikamye

Kudymkar – the center of Komi Permian Region

He first mentioning about Kudymkar was witnessed in the copyists’ books of I.I.Yakhontov in 1579. At that time in Kudymkar there were only 7 courts and lived 11 grown-up men. In 1609 Kudymkar was already the center of a small village neighborhood, composing of 4 villages. In 1623 Kudymkar according to the copyist’s book of M.Kaysarov is meant as a churchyard, to which referred 11 villages and 13 initiatives. In 1833 there was an official opening in Kudymkar of the Stroganov’s patrimony district government of Invinskaya residence. In 1850 in the town there were 100 coarts, according to grounds of N.A.Rogov, in which there lived about 700 people.
After the Revolution Kudymkar became the center of cultural-enlighten work of all the Invinsky Region. In 1933 Kydymkar was reorganized into an urban settlement with the population of more than 8000 people.
At the very beginning of the epoch of five-year plan in Kudymkar were opened the first industrial plants. Eleven plants annually produced goods on the sum of 5000000 rubles (according to the prices of 1933). In Kudymkar there is a Komi Permian book publishing office, which produces belles-lettres and study-methodical literature in Komi Permian and Russian languages.
An outstanding Komi Permian painter Peter Ivanovich Subbotin-Permyak is Kudymkar’s citizen, who finished Moscow School of Uon and the Sroganov’s college. He organized in Kudymkar a theatre workshop and Komi Permian national museum. Becides this museum there is a house-museum of P.I.Subbotin-Permyak.
Few people know that in Kudymkar in 1930s lived and worked a famous scout, a Hero of the Soviet Union Nikolay Kuznetsov. The visitors of the town can look at his house where he lived- Lenin Street, 12 and at the house where he worked Kirov Street, 28. At both buildings there are memorial desks.

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