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Krasnov Tourist Agency - Perm, Russia. Opening up the Urals...

Great Ring
of the Urals

Unique tour

Perm vodka distillery "PermAlko" excursion

The production line where the bottles get labelled and accumulated in cratesVodka... probably there is no stronger Russian cliche than the country's most adored drink. Ever since the spirit appeared over a millenium ago, there has been a quarrel between the Russians and the Polish about who invented vodka first. Some say that the Polish started producing vodka using potato whereas the Russians used grain. Nevertheless, it is a fact that nowhere in the world more vodka is produced and consumed than in Russia. There are over a thousand registered brands of vodka in Russia, not taking into account the probably even larger number of "samagon" - the notorious home-made version, which is illegally sold everywhere. Although, during its long history of consumption, vodka has probably brought as much grief (alcoholism) as it brought joy, it has undeniniably integrated with Russian culture in many ways. Even today, no celebration goes without it...

One of the reservoirs where sugar is addedThere are a few leading distilleries in Russia of which PermAlko, Perm's largest distillery, is one. Apart from local brands such as "Great Perm", "Old Ural", "Permskiy Krai", "Dimidovskaya" and "Permskaya Luxe", PermAlko also produces vodka for export among which are "Moskovskaya", "Smirnoff" and "Stolichnaya". The factory started producing vodka since 1895. Later, PermAlko also started producing a number of variations on plain vodka, for example: cranberry vodka, honey vodka, peppered vodka and several balzams. Balzam is a spirit varying from 25 to 50 percent alcohol, which is made using a large number of herbs and spices as a main ingredient for taste.

Collection of the spirits distilled at PermAlkoDuring the 2-hour excursion at PermAlko, you are told about the factory and its products. The guide explains you about the distillation process of vodka - from water, sugar and grain until the bottled product - as he/she takes you past the different sections of the distillery. At the end of the tour, you are invited to the 'tasting room' to sense the flavours and aromas of different vodkas. There, in the form of a small lunch, you will be offered the typical snacks that Russians traditionally take with consuming vodka. And naturally you will not leave the distillery without a big souvenir...!

Excursion possible Monday-Thursday, apart from national holidays

PermAlko excursion
Duration: 2 hours
Prices p.p. in euro (€), subject to change


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