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About the towns of Prikamye

Cherdyn - the old capital of Ural

Cherdyn is the most ancient city of Prikamye; it is rich not only in memorials of history and nature but has its own civilization.

The first settlement at the place of an old Cherdyn appeared in VIII-IX centuries A.C.

In XII century, on the hill which later became Troitzk there was a city, founded by native citizens of the Upper Prikamye by the Komi. The ancient Komi called the settlement “cherdyn” which means “in the stream’s mouth”. Native tribes before Russians were engaged in commerce through the Volga’s Bulgaria with Persia, Byzantium, Horez.

In XV-XVII centuries Cherdyn was the administrative, military, craft, trade and religious center of Perm the Great. Even then existed the name “Perm the Great Cherdyn” which was mentioned in the official business corresponding and in colloquial speech of that time.

The role in mastering the Siberia by the Russians is great. From here settled to newly built cities Verhoturie and Pelym the military and building troops, craftsmen, tradesmen and churchmen with the help of which the penetration of Russian culture in Siberia was covered. With the appearance of the new Siberia tract - Babinov’s road - the city stopped playing role of the staging-post before the Ural Mountains and it gave this role to Solikamsk, Kungur and then to Perm.

The acquaintance with Cherdyn you’d better start on the Troitzk hill. The Troitzk Mountain, where the earth mound remained-the rest of citadel wall is the main sightseeing place of Cherdyn. From it there is a wonderful view at the center of the city, at Koyva-river and out-of-river expanse.

As many Russian cities, Cherdyn experienced several fires. But still in the city there are many buildings of XVII-XIX centuries. A majestic bell tower of Voskresenskiy cathedral serves as a dominant in the city’s panorama. In the architect look of Cherdyn the youth traditions of Russian north bind with methods of the Ural school of architecture of the second part of XVIII century and attract in the cathedrals, civil buildings, merchants’ stores and homes.

Cherdyn citizens had kept a lot of relics which are famous all over the world. It is a Perm animal style, Perm wood figures and unique icons. About the history and nature of the region you may learn a lot, having visited Cherdyn museum of local lore in honor of A.S.Pushkin.
The surroundings of Cherdyn are also rich in sightseeing places. On the old Pechor tract, by which merchants’ stuff was transported, there are settlements which have its own unrepeated history and architect memorials. They are: Blagoveshchensk church (1785) in the settlement Pokcha, Saint Troitzk church (1779) in Vilgort, Vvedensk church (1915) in Kamgort and excavations of the Iskor’s settlement in Iskor.


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