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Some facts about the towns of Prikamye


The mentioning about Dobryanka (Domrryanka) was already in the second census of Perm the Great, which was hold in 1623-1624. According to the legend the name of the settlement comes from the name of the native Maryanka, whose house differed by its welcome traditions and hospitality. Since that time the village, which turned into a big settlement, appeared. There exists another version: long time ago down the Kama sailed severe robbers. Once their chief saw a beautiful bank and decided to land there in order to spend on eating and drinking all the stolen money in this quite harbor. The robbers stayed at house of the native named Maryanka, whom the chief enjoyed having a gentle character. And he said to his robbers that since that time they are going to live there, prepare the mead and cook bread. And the place was called Maryanka
Later Maryanka turned into Dobryanka, and the small village into the city. In XVIII century Dobryanka was chosen by pearls Sroganovs who have founded here in 1752 a big metallurgical factory. They say the metal here was of a very good quality and though was used to build Smolnyi Palace in Saint – Petersburg and Novodevichii monastery in Moscow.
At the end of the XIX century the metallurgists produced not only steel and iron but also perfect cast-iron things. And during the Great Patriotic War, Dobryanka supplied the front by steel and iron for the production of cases of shells. The statuses of the region’s center Dobryanka has got in 1924.
But…nothing is eternal under the Moon…In the middle of the past century the factory got into the territory of the flood of the building of the Kama HES and it was closed. Only the building of a former factory bureau remained and now it is under the restoration.
Today the square of the territories of Doryanka region is 5192 km2. The population is 65,400 people and in Dobryanka – 38,200 people.
The visiting card of today’s Dobryanka is the largest in Europe Perm Electric Power Station, on building of which in Soviet times the best youth brigades were sent. The corpuses of the Electric Power Station were built on the other side of the city. There are: a factory pond, Vozhaevskii pond, Tusevskoi gulf rivers Kama, Dobryanka, Tus.
All the Dobryanka citizens from young to old people know the family name of Suzev. Pavel Ivanovich Suzev was the ruler of the Dobryanka’s iron making plant.

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