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Krasnov Tourist Agency - Perm, Russia. Opening up the Urals...

Great Ring
of the Urals

Unique tour

Perm city excursion

The city trip simply is the best and most comfortable way to discover Perm. During the Perm city tour, which is done by comfortable car/minibus, you will see the following:

  • A hill on which the Perm planetarium is located. Apart from a wide view over the city, the hill overlooks a clear breach line in the earth. It was at this very breach that British geologist Murchinson discovered a unique sediment that eventually led to the definition of a new geological era, known as the Perm period.
  • Perm Museum of War IndustryThe "Motovilikha-district" in the north of the city. This district, which was kept top secret until 1987, is almost completely dedicated to war industry. Nearly all rockets and artillery of the former Soviet Union were produced here. You visit the open-air artillery museum - where many generations of artillery vehicles, ballistic missiles and rocket launchers as they were produced in Perm - can be admired. A large part of the military industry, which is still in operation, can be overseen from the museum.
  • Perm's largest cemetary. The cemetery takes an area of 3 square kilometers and has many memorials, statues, graves of famous Russian people and antique churches and chapels. We visit the memorial of the Oppression of Stalin and the "Crying Mother" statue - a memorial for Perm soldiers who died in Russia's Great Patriotic War (soldiers have a special section in the cemetery).
  • Lubimov ResidenceSibirskaya Street. This street was once the official start of the "Sibirsky trakt", the road to Siberia. It has many historical objects: the hotel in which Russia's last Tsar Mikhail Romanov spent the last days of his life, the praised Academical Opera & Ballet Theatre "Chaikovsky", the KGB city headquarters, the classic mansion (now museum) of famous (ballet) impressario Diagiliev, the Pedagogical University, the "Young Spectator's Theatre" (former residence of Lyubimov, an industrial revolutionalist) and the memorial to the Perm voluntary tank corps.
  • "Komsomolsky Prospekt", Perm's central boulevard. Location of the "Tower of Death", the Perm Polytechnical University and Gorkovo Park. The past and the present are strikingly linked in Komsomolsky Prospekt's sights: old Soviet-style mansions go hand in hand with flashy enlighted new shops and modern restaurants.
  • Perm's central square. Location of the Drama Theatre, a large Soviet type war monument, the city administration ("House of Soviets") and provincial administration.
  • The Central Bazar (closed on Mondays). The bazaar is probably the best place to get some souvenirs - prices are usually the lowest in the whole city and whatever you are looking for, it is sold here - typical Russian fur winter hats, freshly canned red or black kaviar, a bottle of Georgian Monastry wine, clothes, etc.
  • Orthodox church and the remarkable mosque.
  • The Kama river - Europe's 4th largest river and the pride of Perm. The Kama will impress you by its hugeness - even though it is at its narrowest (but still 1 km. wide!) as it flows through the city. The river bank is very green and quiet and lies on an elevation, giving you a perfect opportunity to make some nice photo shots over the river, its nearby bridge across, its cruiseship port and its banks on the other side.
  • The river port and train station Perm-1, a classic 18th century building.
  • The tower of the former Preobrazhehsky Cathedral (1832). The tower functions as a proper beacon as it can be spotted from a large part of the city. Since 1930, the building is occupied by the Perm Art Gallery. The gallery is one of the biggest in the country and shows many similarities with St. Peterburg's Hermitage regarding its large varieties of collections. The gallery has a large collection of paintings (among which a Rembrandt from 1636), but also collections of icons, wooden sculptures, glass, porcelain and cupper statues can be admired. Next to it, the Perm Local Museum is situated. This interesting museum has several expositions: the history of the Urals, the history of the city, minerals, flora & fauna of Perm region, the Perm period, etc. Optional is a guided tour around the gallery, which is done by a specialised guide.

Perm opera and ballet theatreUral Great, Perm's basketball teamOptional evening program. Theatre (ballet, drama, opera) or sports events.Click here for sports matches of all Perm sports clubs. The guide, of course, can recommend places and give directions for evening/night entertainment or dining. More information about Perm you can find on our page Perm city, Russia.

Perm city excursion
by car/minibus
Duration: 2-2,5 hours
Prices per person in euro (€), subject to change


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