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Krasnov Tourist Agency - Perm, Russia. Opening up the Urals...

Great Ring
of the Urals

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Trans Siberian Express Tickets & Stopover Packages

Perm lies on the Trans Siberian Railroad and is the last city of the European continent where the trains from Moscow stop, before they climb the Urals and head for the Siberian plains. All trains of the most popular routes (Moscow - Ulan Bator, Beijing and Vladivostok) make a stop in Perm. Perm, by train is very popular among tourists as well as business travelers. It is comfortable - regarding quality of train and departure/arrival times - and cheapest variant compared to the airport. Upon request we can arrange itineraries for you in Moscow, Ekaterinburg, Irkutsk, Chita, Vladivostok, Ulan Bator and Beijing.

For you not to miss our cultural city and the sheer beauty of the Urals, you can compile your own Perm stopover package and choose your hotel and excursions and get your cheap ticket to the next transsib tour destination! For a few days, leave your train experiences for what they are and discover the true Russia here in Perm!

The "Kama" train - the official Perm - Mocow - Perm Express train.

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