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Krasnov Tourist Agency - Perm, Russia. Opening up the Urals...

Great Ring
of the Urals

Unique tour

About our tourist agency...

Krasnov is one of the largest tour operators in Perm and has a well-established name in the region. Our agency has over 15 years of experience in both outbound and inbound tourism. Actually, tourism in the Perm region has only been possible since the fall of Soviet Union and Krasnov was at the cradle of the first organised tours into the Urals.
During the past 10 years we were able to build up the broad local network that allows us to provide the service and professionality that modern tourism requires.
We have a tour operator register number 002916.

The Perm Tourist Guild
Being a progressive tour agent, Krasnov is a co-founder - and momentarily also holds the presidency - of the Perm Tourist Guild (PTG): the region's tourism development association. The PTG unites the providers of tourism (related)-services in the Perm region. The association develops tourism in the Perm province and is in the constant process of improving the quality of the overall tourism offer in the Urals. As a profound member, Krasnov sets tourism standards and plays a key role in development of tourism in Perm and its Ural-dominated province.

We offer:

  • Professionality, accuracy and flexibility;
  • Hotel reservations in the Urals - Perm, Ekaterinburg, Ufa, Chelyabinsk, etc.;
  • Transfers
  • Day-excursions in and around Perm;
  • Multiple-day tours into the Urals with an active and cultural character;
  • Train tickets: local, interlocal and Express (all Trans Siberian trains);
  • Air tickets (domestic and international);
  • Russian language courses, summer group course and individual courses (all levels);
  • Tailor-made packages on request;
  • Visa support;
  • And...

A warm welcome to Perm, Eurasia!


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