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Krasnov Tourist Agency - Perm, Russia. Opening up the Urals...

Great Ring
of the Urals

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Fishing & hunting in Russia: the Perm Province

The Perm province is known in Russia as the best area in European Russia for fishing and hunting. It is one of the few places where a great diversity of unspoiled forests can be found, from loaf forests in the south to vast taigas in the north. Numerous nature-based hunting camps offer the possibility to hunt for a wide range of animals, among which bear, fox, wolf, lynx, deer, moose, boar and fazants are the most popular. The Perm province is absolutely the best place for high quality and luxury hunting initiatives. As for fishing, the Perm province relatively has the most rivers and streams in the whole of Russia, together offering a rich populations of a diversity of fish, such as grayling, trout, salmon-trout, (pike) perch, carp, sazan, burbot, chub fish, bream and cat-fish. Successful and exiting fishing guaranteed!

Fishing on the Kama

The Kama is, without doubt, the easiest option for a day of fishing - one does not need to go far and moreover, the Kama bursts with fish (especially pike and perch).

June - half October.
Transfer early morning to historical town of Yugokamsk. 10 kms south of Yugokamsk is a fishing base. Morning and afternoon fishing on Kama, by motor boat. Barbecue and Russian banya at end of afternoon. Transfer back to Perm.

Fishing on the Kama basin, for groups

It is also possible to spend a day fishing on the Kama basin from a fishing boat. The basin is so large that locals often refer to it as the 'Ural Sea'. The boat offers place to a maximum of 10 people uses the small port of Dobryanka (just under one hour drive from Perm) to depart from. The biggest advantage of the boat is its possibility to go to places that cannot be reached by car. The Kama has many smaal bays that are excellent for fishing. Depending on the type of fish you would like to catch, the captain can bring you to the most suitable places as he is an expert of fishing possibilities on the Kama river. On the prices page you will only find the price for 1 day of fishing, but on request we can also advise you about multiple-day fishing trips. For spending the night you can make use of the huts on the boat or the wooden cottages at the port of Dobryanka. Not without banya of course!

June - half October.
Transfer from accommodation in Perm to Dobryanka early morning. 6 hours use of fishing boat. Return to Perm around 5pm. Optional night stay in wooden cottage at the banks of the Kama basin (with Russian banya), followed by another day of fishing.

Obva fishing base, more than fishing alone ...Fishing base "Obva"

The "Obva" base offers a very complete and comfortable fishing itineraries. It is located at the river Obva, which is regarded to be among the best rivers for fishing in the whole province. And what is more, the "Obva" base lies at the village of Krivyets at a comfortable 1,5-hour drive from Perm, making it the ideal place for short fishing trips.
At the base, 3 large 6-person wooden houses are available to accommodate visitors, each with sitting corner, bedrooms, equipped kitchen, stove and refridgerator.
There is absolutely no need to bring your fishing equipment because the "Obva" base is well supplied with all one could possibly need for fishing. See the table below for details. Krivyets, a typical Russian village, has three small shops where you can buy food until 11pm. On request, the "Obva" fishing club can organise a barbecue or just supply one for you to roast your freshly caught fish. The equipment for smoking fish is also available. Multiple day boating trips on the river (with overnight stay in tents) can also be done from the base. Among the fish that can be caught in the Obva river are perch, zander, bream (until 1,5kg), pike (until 3 kg), sazan (until 13kg), burbot (until 2kg), roach fish, bleak, ide and rudd. Fishing can be done all year round, although spring and winter are ususally the best times to fish.

Item Rent
(35 rubles ~ 1 euro)
Full fishing equipment (rod, hooks, bate, etc.) 100 rubles per day
Fishing boat (for maximum 2 persons) 10 rubles per hour
150 rubles per day
Catamaran (for 4-persons) 20 rubles per hour
250 rubles per day
Tent 40-100 (depending on size) rubles per day
Matrass/sleeping bag 60 rubles per day
Logs for fire (set) 100 rubles

Karagatch Hunt, the most luxurious hunting complex in the Perm Province. They also offer the most possibilities in hunting tours.Karagatch Hunt

Karagatch Hunt is a super-luxurious but affordable hunting complex in the Perm region, located near Karagai, some 1,5 hours by car from Perm. The base has its own hunting and fishing grounds where (depending on the season) bear, moose, boar, wolf, lynx, etc. can be hunted. The wooden villa for guests offers all facilities one could wish: large rooms with modern furniture, mini-bar, unlimited access to Russian banya, sauna and billiards room. During your stay, 3 meals per day are included, on basis of individual menu on request!
For hunting of game, different regions can be picked. One can use the complex' own hunting grounds or one of the more remote area's from which can be reached by a number of jeeps that are available. During hunting, you can count on private assistance of specialised guides and the well-trained hunting dogs from Karagatch Hunt. At the complex, they can also arrange initial processing of trophies.

Hunting club "Russian Bear"

Hunting club "Russian Bear" may be a little less luxurious compared to Karagatch Hunt, but by no means it is less professional. The hunting club has its own large wooden cottage nearby the village of Kyn. Surrounded by mountains and right on the border of "Basegi" National Park, the Kyn area is one of the most beautiful places in the Urals. Hunting possibilities are very diverse: birds, small game and large game (brown bear, elk, moose, etc.). The hunting club provides all the services which visiting hunters may require, such as hunting outfits and gear, professional (hunting) guides, translators, ability to process game, provision of licences, etc.

Hunting for VIP's in Suksun

Around 140 kms. south of Perm lies the most luxurious base for hunters in the whole Urals. This newly built (2004) base has 5 luxury rooms providing places to sleep for 10 people. The base has its own sauna, Russian banya, tv-room (with video/DVD/Karaoke and stereo), kitchen with quality chefs, outside barbecue, terrace, coffee room, billiard room, large storage room with full hunting outfits, saves for hunting rifles and ammunition, garage and fishing lake, all within a large guarded territory. The actual hunting ground (32.000 hectares in total!) is located in the beautiful surrounding area of Suksun; a hilly area with vast loaf forests. Bear, boar and moose are among animals that can be hunted for. The hunting season in the Suksun area starts half September and lasts until New Year.
Might you be interested in a hunting tour in the Suksun area, please do not hesitate to contact us for details.

"vailand" Club, a comfortable accommodation with the best kitchen of the northern UralsGuest House Vishera Shelter

Is a highly comfortable 2-storied Finnish-style stone/wooden villa (constructed in 2002) in the taiga of Ryabinino, near Cherdyn. The staff proves how excellent hospitality can be. On arrival, an extensive dinner is served. During the stay, three absolutely culinary meals are included, among which dishes with fresh trout, marinated moose meat, fish soups and Russian salads with caviar. At your disposal will be sauna with cold water pool, showers and large bedroom. The comfortable beds, the absolute silence and the freshest (pinetree fragrance) air in the world make you sleep like never before...
At Vialand, you are free to enjoy the nature - which Vailand has direct access to. The small sandy roads in the taiga along the nearby Vishera and Tchudova rivers are definately worth taking a walk at, even if it was only for the sheer beauty of the area! Optionally are the services that Residence Vailand have available. Among possibilities are:

  • Fishing or hunting tours. The Vishera and Chudova rivers are extremely rich fishing grounds. Residence Vailand has a full range of fishing equipment available. They offer transfers to the rivers by car, by motor boat (in summer) or by snow scooter (in winter).
  • Boating trips over one of the rivers
  • Mushroom picking in autumn (the Vailand chefs can prepare them for dinner if wanted) are possible.

If you decide to go out, the Vailand staff will prepare hot lunch for you to take along in special thermo cilinders. In short, plenty of possibilities for spending a great time in this unique area of pure nature!

Winter fishing on the kama river near  OrelVariant on this trip: WINTER FISHING on Kama near the town of Orel (extra day). Orel is a small village that lies not far from the road from Perm to Vailand. The village is famous for its fishing possibilities. Just north of Orel, the large Yaiva river joins the Kama and so do both rivers' specific species of fish. The latter makes Orel a unique place for fishing as nowhere else it is possible to fish for a similar diversity of fish. In this variant, day 1 will be replaced by the following initinerary - leaving Perm very early (around 6am) in order to be in Orel by 8am; fishing is usually most successful in the morning, when fish is hungry! 15 kms over the ice will be completed by very fast snowjets (imported from Canada) to a spot where the Kama is narrow, improving chances of catching many fish! A warm lunch on the ice will be offered around noon. We will stay on the ice until 3pm. After going back to Orel on the snow jets, we will continue our way to Vailand where dinner will be awaiting you. The rest of the program stays unchanged. This variant is possible from October until end of March.

Legal matters about hunting in Russia.
Hunting in Russia requires a special hunting licence, which we can arrange for you upon your booking. The price of this licence varies from 10 to 30 euro, depending on the game. The use of guns is a somewhat complicated issue, as the formal regulations around this matter have been subject to frequent changes over the past years. By law, it is forbidden to use nor carry fire arms which are not explicitly registered to you, meaning that it is impossible for you to rent a weapon in Russia. However, licences have been known to be issued by exception. All above hunting bases offer a range of hunting rifles. If you wish to bring your own rifle, you have to apply for a special clearance (through us), specifying all the details about weapon and ammunition. Groups of hunters from Europe and America brought their hunting equipment to Perm before without any problems. Please note that the application for clearance has to be done well in advance. Furthermore, if you are planning to ship trophies out of Russia to your home country, the Russian customs need a release note for shipment. In principle, we can arrange this note for you without any problems. We strongly advise you to contact us about the matters well in advance to ensure your hunting trip to be a smooth one without any legal problems!


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