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Some facts about the towns of Prikamye

Molyobka – the anomal zone of Prikamye

The settlement of Molyobka is one of the most attractive places of the Ural Region. Lovers of adventures come here, searching for the unusual things.
The settlement Molyobka was founded in 1774, when the industrialist Demidov decided to build here the iron-making plant. The plant was built and had been existing for a long time, till the beginning of the XX century. On the border of the 19th and 20th centuries the settlement looked like a plant village: 4000 inhabitants developed infrastructure according to those times . But during the last century the number of inhabitants decreased greatly, the status of this settlement fell down. Nevertheless it can be said without an exaggeration that in 1990s Malyobka was our most famous settlement. If only the ufologists could manage to prologue the interest to the zone, it must not be ruled out that in some time here could appear hostels and other services, which accompany the civilization.
Molyobka has been living its simple life till 1983 when the geologist Emil Bachurin stated to mass-media that he had seen in the snow a hovered object in the shape of half-sphere, emissiving the bluish light.
To prove the connection between the light and UFO was rather difficult. But the interest to unindificated in the society started to have a shape of the mass psychosis and Molyobka with the light hand of journalists was called the place of meeting of the Earth people and aliens. Mass-media of all the country was engaged in the competition with each other in efficiency in stories about the secrete meetings with “mental bacteria”.
Ufologocal Mecca was visited by American journalists. A television group which created the program “UFO. Undeclared visit” worked here. For the sake of exchanging of the points of view about the M-triangle in Perm in 1996 the scientists gathered on the international symposium “New paradigms of science and problems of survivability of mankind…”
The zone where the tourists and ufologists searched for was divided into several sectors. The most interesting among them are Vyselki and Witch's rings. Vyselki is a small house with ghosts, painted by signatures and other “graphities” of all who have been here. In the opinion of ufologists a little man in a cap lives here.

As for Witch's rings or Meadow of horror, people who had passed night here say that midnight it resounds with groans, sighs and in the darkness it is possible to see ghostly silhouettes.

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