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Travel Information Perm, Ural, Russia

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Flights to/from Perm airport.How to get to Perm

> By AIR

Through Perm airport "Bolshoye Savino" has connections with a large number of cities, among which Moscow and St. Petersburg. Aeroflot flies to Perm from Moscow Sheremtyevo-1 Airport daily. Perm's own PermAvia flies to Moscow (Domodedovo Airport) twice per day. Flight time is 2 hours.

Direct international scheduled flights to Perm are limited: currently only Frankfurt (by Lufthansa).

PermAvia, in co-operation with Pulkovo Airlines operate flights between Perm and St. Petersburg at least twice per week, but frequency is announced to be increased in the near future.

Krasnov is agent for Lufthansa, Aeroflot and Perm Airlines and can arrange tickets on request. Please feel free to contact us for any detailed information on flights.

Daily flights between Perm and Moscow
(times and prices may change)
Departure day
Type of airplane
Ticket Economy Class, from
Aeroflot SU 819 Moscow SVO 08:00 Perm 12:05
One-way 169 euro
Return 293 euro
SU 792 Perm 13:30 Moscow SVO 13:35
SU 820 Moscow 01:10 Perm 05:15
SU 791 Perm 06:10 Moscow SVO 06:25
S7Airlines S7 307 Moscow DME 00:15
Perm 04:20+1


Boeing 737

One-way 169 euro
Return 293 euro
S7 301 Moscow DME 08:25
Perm 12:30
S7 308 Perm 06:30 Moscow DME 06:40
S7 306 Perm 07:40 Moscow DME 07:50
S7 302 Perm 13:15 Moscow DME 13:22
S7 305 Moscow DME 22:00 Perm 02:10+1
S7 303 Moscow DME 15:05
Perm 19:10
S7 304 Perm 19:55 Moscow DME 20:05
SkyExpress XW323


Perm 06:40+1



One-way 135 euro
Return 270 euro
XW324 Perm 7:10 MoscowVKO 7:20



Perm Trans Siberian train connectionsThe Trans Siberian Railroad goes through Perm, making the city perfectly accessible by train. Connections with Moscow are excellent. Every day, some 10 trains from Moscow roll into the Perm II Train station. This journey takes around 24 hours (depending on the train) and is an experience on its own. The trains that serve the Moscow - Perm section are all identical to the famous train Trans Siberian Express and have only got sleeping cars. Every train car has got 1 or 2 "provodniki", who ensure your trip to be a smooth one. They provide fresh bed linen, they keep the train clean, they make sure that nobody oversleeps their destination and they provide any kind of help during the journey. The train stops only in the bigger cities along the way, such as Vladimir and Kirov.
Russian trains have 3 classes. A bed in a third class carriage is cheap, but because of the low comfort and the lack of any privacy, travelling in 3rd class is not recommended. Second class train cars offer more comfort as they have lockable 4-bed compartments with extra luggage space and curtains for more privacy. First class compartments are identical, but have only 2 beds in 1 compartment, offering maximum space and privacy.
Every train car has its own toilet with washing sink, as well as a "samovar" - a tap from which you can take boiling water freely, allowing you to make yourself a tea, coffee or instant meal. All trains have a restaurant car where one can choose from a simple, but cheap menu. Furthermore, it is possible to buy some products during the train stops (usually 10-20 minutes). People always come up to the train to sell drinks, bread, (home-made) bakery, fruits and other items. But watch out not to miss the train!

For detailed train info and prices, check: Trans Siberian trains or online train reservations.

Krasnov can reserve you any train ticket, we would like to refer to the price list for the most common examples. Might your destination not be among them, then simply contact us and we will find you the most appropriate train according to your request.
Please, note that advance reservations are needed for the Beijing, Ulaan Baatar and Vladivostok trains as they are very popular and fill up quickly. Especially if you wish to travel them anywhere between May and September, make sure to reserve tickets in advance!


Perm's huge Kama river connects Perm directly with the Volga, making the city easily accessible by water. Cruiseferries frequenting St.Petersburg, Moscow, Yaroslavl, Kazan and Volgograd can be embarked from Perm's Port in the centre of the city. Note that for most cruises only return tickets are sold.
As ferries are operated by different companies and time tables are irregular accordingly, please contact us for particular dates. The route Moscow - Kazan - Perm takes around 8-10 days.

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Moscow tourist services

For people travelling through Moscow, we can offer the folowing services:


Below transfers are one-way. Rates are in euro and PER CAR (1-3 persons) without / with English-speaking guide. Guide will await you and help you with check-in in hotel or train.

  • Transfer Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport to (hotel in) Moscow city centre (70km) - 60 / 100
  • Transfer Moscow Domodedovo Airport to (hotel in) Moscow city centre (80km) - 65 /105
  • Transfer Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport to Moscow Domodedovo Airport (120km) - 85 /125
  • Transfer Hotel to train station (Yaroslavsky, Kazansky, Kursky, Leningradsky stations) - 45/ 95


We can make reservations for a wide range of hotels in Moscow, too many to list. However, below you will find the rates of Hotel Izmailovo Alfa/Vega, one of the most popular tourist hotels in Moscow. This hotel is located just outside the Moscow city centre, at one of Moscow's largest parks. Izmailovo Alfa/Vega has its own metro stop, which is 5 stops (10-15 mins.) from the Red Square.
Standard Single room, B&B - 100 euro per night (Jan-Aug), 118 euro per night (Sept-Dec)
Standard Double room, B&B - 128 euro per night (Jan-Aug), 143 euro per night (Sept-Dec)

For information and rates of other hotels, please inquire.


Standard 3-hour Moscow city centre tour with English speaking guide - 45 euro p.p.

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Travel advices

Travelling in Russia is perfectly possible as well as safe. Nevertheless, here are some travel advices that might make your trip a more convenient one:

  • Take appropriate clothing! Summers in Perm are hot (around +30C) and winters are cold (-25C). Although winter temperatures are very low, the air in Perm is relatively dry, making the frost less harsh. Nevertheless, it will be best if you have a pajama along to put under your jeans in case of a cold, windy day or in case you will spend a long time outside. For those who are taking one of our catamaran/rafting trips: take a spare set of clothes in case you get wet, take a hat to protect your head from the sun and don't forget a pair of slippers.
  • Take a copy of the personal information page in your passport as well as a copy of your visa along to prevent yourself from potential problems regarding (custom) formalities, just in case you lose your passport.
  • Approximate exchange-rate of Euro and USD to Russian RublesPerm has plenty of cash machines from which money can be withdrawn; most of them accept Visa, Master, Maestro and Cirrus cards. Furthermore, nearly every bank exchanges Euros, USD and English Pounds to Russian Rubles. Currency exchange booths are also available on Perm and Moscow airports, allowing you to get some local currency straight on arrival. The image on the right shows the current exchange rates for Euros and USD, note that banks and currency exchange facilities usually charge a (small) commission.
  • Do not take unofficial taxis but stick to either official taxis or public transport.
  • When travelling long distances by train, take some toilet paper along as most public toilets in Russia do not always have it. Also take a large cup and a tea spoon, enabling you to make yourself a tea, a coffee or an instant meal while on the train.
  • Take into account that very little people in Russia speak any other language than Russian.
  • About using telephones in Russia. For interlocal calls, dial 8, wait for the tone, then dial city code followed by the number. For international calls, dial 8, wait for the tone, then dial 10 followed by country code (without 00) and the actual telephone number in that country. Mobile telephones have good coverage in Perm and the larger towns/villages in the province but often have little or no signal outside them.

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Extra information

Might you still have questions or remarks then please feel absolutely free to fire any questions at us. We will reply all your emails as quickly as we can.

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