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Krasnov Tourist Agency - Perm, Russia. Opening up the Urals...

Great Ring
of the Urals

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Ural Picture Gallery #1

Pictures copyright ©, courtesy of Krasnov Travel Agency


River Vishera
Pomyanony Mountain
The Vishera River, in the north of Perm Province
The peculiar shapes of "Pomyanony" Mountain
River Moiva
Mountain Tulym, northern Ural
The Moiva River in Vishersky Nature Reserve
Mountain "Tulym", Vishersky Nature Reserve
Pokcha village, Ural
Suksun lake area
Ancient village of Pokcha, some 300kms north of Perm
Fishermen sheds in the autumn morning fog, nearby Lake Suksun
Belaya Gora panorama
Vaya village
Panoramic view from the Belaya Gora ("White Mountain") Monastery, nearby Kungur
Vaya village on a summer day
Pisanny Rock
Red Rock
The Pisany Rock, Vishera River
The "Krasny" (= red) Rock, Koiva River
Mountain Polyud
Frozen waterfalls
Taiga around Mountain Polyud, Krasnovishersk area
"Khrustalny" frozen waterfalls, nearby the Chusovaya River
Kama river
Salmon breeding at the Kama River Basin, 40kms upstream from Perm


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