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Krasnov Tourist Agency - Perm, Russia. Opening up the Urals...

Great Ring
of the Urals

Unique tour

Nature trekking / ecotourism in the Ural Mountains

Trekking in the Urals is unlikely to be compared with trekking elsewhere - it is a thing on its own. One must be aware of the context of backpacking in Russian nature and needs to have a good set of legs. Distances are great and civilisation is far away. Nevertheless it is a lifetime experience. The nature is untouched and so is its beauty. It is also excitingly unpredictable - nature is rules the area and you will be one with it! Although our local guides are absolute professionals and know every inch of the area, not rarely they have to improvise during the tour because of weather changes, rivers that have turned into rapids, fallen trees that block a passage, etc. Welcome to the real adventure.
Prikamye hosts 2 nature reserves where trekkings can be organised.

National Park "Basegi"

Basegi is a large nature reserve at 200 kilometers northeast of Perm, in the Ural Mountains. The park has got 3 main mountain ridges and consists of 3 parts accordingly: South, Central and North Basegi. Its peaks are among the highest in the area; from there one has a wonderful view over the vast and virgin Ural forests of Basegi. The reserve is famous for its diversity of flora, it is a transition zone of leaf forest (south) and taiga (dense pine forest, north). Civilization in the area limits to 4 small villages and a number of tiny settlements. Roads are lacking, apart from a few wide forest tracks. Numerous mountain streams flow through the area and so do Basegi's two large rivers: the Usva and Vilva.

Example of Basegi tour:

Transfer from Perm to the border of Basegi National Park (around 240 kms, which is about 5 hours drive) by 4X4 Russian minibus. Lunch. Meeting the guide at the visit centre. At about 14.00 start of the route “Ecological path” which goes along the Northern Baseg mountain range 5,5 kms long. It goes through old coniferous forest, then through alpine meadows and finally you reach the top of the Northern Baseg ( 951 m). A view over Middle Baseg mountain (994m.), Oslyanka mountain (1119m.), Khariusny mountain (860m.) Dinner. Transfer back to Perm. Arrival to Perm at midnight.

Optional: tourists can stay overnight on the territory of the nature reserve and go back to Perm on the 2nd day. Staying overnight in the lodge. Visit to banya (traditional Russian sauna).

Period: Routes can be organised in July, August and September.

State Reserve "Vishersky"

Vishersky is an enormous national park (nearly 2,5 thousand square kilometers or 1,6 thousand square miles - the fourth largest in Europe!!) in the very north of the Perm province. The park stretches from the Krasnovishersk district in the south to deep into the Komi Republic (which borders the Barentz Sea) in the north. Vishersky is a park of extremes. It has the highest peaks of the entire Ural Mountains, it has wild nature and it is completely uninhabited. But the most extreme thing about the park is its beauty. Mountain tops with rapid rivers, dense taiga, open plateaus, swamps and peculiar rock formations go hand in hand in Vishersky. Similar to Basegi Nature Reserve, the Vishersky Park may only be travelled accompanied by a specialised park guide and has a limit on visitor numbers. You will find yourself spending the night in a tent camp at the banks of mountain streams. The park has an extensive wildlife and is home of several protected species. At the southern end of the park, near the town of Krasnovishersk, one can often spot people at the banks of a river looking for diamonds. This very river is called the Vishera - it originates deep in the mountains in the park after which it quickly turns into a mighty river that eventually flows into the Kama. Vishersky park has the third largest diamond resource in the whole world. Diamonds are far too deep to be mined, though.

A 6-day route, including transfer Perm - Vishersky - Perm (4,5 - 5 h), guide, tent/boat hire and simple meals costs around 750 euro per person. Due to heavy snowfall and extremely low temperatures, the park is inaccessible from October until end of March. Guides are provided by the Park Administration. Overnight stays in the park in wooden shelters (with banya), used by park employees. Minimum 2 persons required, maximum 8. Vishersky State National Park is recommended for experienced hikers.

Example of Vishersky tour:

Day 1 Perm – Krasnovishersk
Transfer from Perm to northern town of Kranovishersk (+/- 330kms). Meeting with Nature Reserve guide, tour discussion and food supply. Overnight stay in cottage in a small village 3kms north of Krasnovishersk, on the banks of the Vishera River. Banya.

Day 2 Krasnovishersk town and its surroundings
From cottage 5kms by car and 2kms hike to top of Mount Polyud (526m) and back. To the impressive rock formation Vetlan - 4kms by motor boat. Climb on the rock for a great view over the area. Overnight stay in cottage, banya.

Day 3 Krasnovishersk town – Vaya village – 71st quarter
Transfer from Krasnovishersk to the 71st Quarter, via the village of Vaya - 120kms in total. The 71st Quarter is the location of the southern border of Vishersky Nature Reserve, the road literally ends here. Overnight stay in a wooden hut.

Day 4 71st quarter – the Tchuval ridge
Today the real trekking starts and the backpacks need to be strapped on. Hike from the 71st Quarter to the Chuval Ridge (height 1000m.). Total distance 17km. Overnight stay in base camp.

Day 5 Base camp – the Listvennichny ridge – base camp
Hike to the top of the Listvennichny mountain ridge and (if there is opportunity) the Tulimsky ridge. With its 1469m, Mount Tulym is the highest peak of the Central and Northern Urals. Visiting the surroundings of the Isherim mountain and the Muraviny ridge. Taking pictures, video filming. Overnight stay in base camp. Total distance 20km.

Day 6 Base camp – Listvennichny cordon* – the Bahtiyarovskaya pit
Hike from the base camp to the Listvenitshny cordon through dense taiga. After a break, hike to Bahtiyarovskaya pit, via the Moiva river. Acquaintance with the Bahtiyarov’s family of mansi people. Observation of beaver’s life. Full day trip, overnight stay in tent.

Day 7 Bachtiyarovskaya pit – Tsitrini cordon
Hike from Bachtiyarovskaya pit to the Tsitrini cordon. Visiting mine-workings of rock crystal. Taking pictures, video filming of the Isherim mountain. Total 5-6 hours.

Day 8 Tsitrini cordon – Moiva cordon
Hike to the Moiva cordon, passing the Olchovotchny pass and viewing the surroundings of the Isherim mountain and the Molebny ridge. Total 18 km. Banya, overnight stay in cordon Moiva.

Day 9 Going to the top of the Isherim mountain.
Hike to the top of Mount Isherim (1331m.) and back. The slope is quite steep, but main luggage can be left behind. Overnight stay in cordon Moiva.

Day 10 The Moiva cordon – mouth of the Malaya Moiva river – Upper Ribnoye village
Hike to the Malaya Moiva River, continue to the tiny Upper Ribnoye village (at the banks of the river), partly by boat. Viewing picturesque rocky banks, small waterfalls. Overnight stay in/at the village. Total distance 10kms.

Day 11 Upper Ribnoye village - mouth of the Bolshaya Moiva river
From the village to the mouth of the Bolshaya Moive River by boat. Rocky banks, panoramic view of the Tulimsky mountain. Total 6-7 hours. Overnight stay in tents at the river.

Day 12 Mouth of the Bolshaya Moiva river – Vishera rapids – the Lipya cordon
Trip (boat) to cordon Lipya, passing Vishera rapids and scenic petrified remains. Excursion to self-sustaining farm-stead Lipya and (if desired) visiting caves. A breathtaking view of the Tulimsky ridge. Banya. Overnight stay at Lipya cordon.

Day 13 The Lipya cordon – the 71st quarter – Krasnovishersk town
Trip back to civilisation. On the way scenery of bank rocks, panoramic views of the Tulimsky ridge and the Kuriskar ridge.

Day 14 Krasnovishersk town – Perm city
Transfer naar busstation Krasnovishersk. Bus Krasnovishersk – Perm.

Day 15 Extra (reserved) day

Period: June, July, August, early September. Recommended period: August.
Note: because of distances and context of Russian Nature Reserves, this tour may be done only by reasonable experienced hikers. Large groups are not allowed.
*cordon: simple wooden hut or shelter used by Reserve personnel.

Other destinations for trekking and expeditions

Although above options are absolutely "off the beaten track" routes, from time to time we offer initiatives to other destinations than the ones already mentioned. Mountain bike routes are also available as well as extreme expeditions in the Urals. Please contact us for possibilities.


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