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Hotel Ural, frontHotel Ural ***

Hotel Ural is a giant hotel of Soviet style. With its 306 rooms it is the largest hotel in the city. Hotel Ural is located in the heart of the city. The rooms are of typical Soviet style. Hotel Ural offers the following facilities:

  • English-speaking reception;
  • Restaurant, bars, cafe;
  • Computers with internet;
  • Currency exchange and cash machine;
  • Small shops;
  • Souvenir shop;
  • Fitness room;
  • Billiard.

Hotel Ural

Standard room facilities: toilet/bathroom, tv, telephone
Room type Description
Rates per night, B&B
1st Category Single
Non-renovated, budget
1st Category Twin Non-renovated, budget
BusinessClass Single Renovated
BusinessClass Twin Renovated
Studio Double Renovated
Lux Single Renovated, 2-roomed, large bed

Rates excluding 25% hotel reservation surcharge for first night.

Rates are in euro (€). Prices subject to change.


Hotel Ural - 1st class single room
Hotel Ural - Euro Lux room
1st class single room
Lux room

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