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Hotel NikOL - sidewaysHotel NikOL ****

Hotel NikOL is a small and cosy hotel, located in a quiet suburban area (30 minutes from the city centre) at Perm central park and hippodrome. The hotel was built in 1994 and offers 16 rooms on 4 floors. The hotel is mostly used for conferencing, it boasts 2 conference rooms. Hotel facilities:

  • Good restaurant and bar;
  • Luggage storage;
  • Sauna with whirlpool;
  • Dry cleaning / laundry service;
  • Guarded car park.

Hotel NikOL

Standard room facilities: toilet/bathroom, tv, telephone and refrigerator
Room type Description
Rates per night, B&B
Half-Lux Single 1-roomed
Half-Lux Double 1-roomed
Suite Single 2-roomed
Suite Double 2-roomed

Rates excluding 10% hotel reservation surcharge for first night.

Rates are in euro (€). Prices subject to change.


Hotel NikOL - frontal picture
Hotel NikOL - one of conference rooms
Hotel NikOL - front
Conference room
Hotel NikOL - bedroom Lux
Hotel NikOL - bathroom Lux
Bedroom in Lux room
Bathroom in Lux room
Hotel NikOL - restaurant
Hotel NikOL - whirlpool

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