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Krasnov Tourist Agency - Perm, Russia. Opening up the Urals...

Great Ring
of the Urals

Unique tour

Homestay accommodation in Perm

For those who want to experience the real Russian life and culture, we can definately recommend a stay with a Russian family. Not many people in Perm have had the chance to travel abroad, resulting in a great curiosity about different countries and cultures - something you will be likely to notice at the first meeting. You will experience the hospitality that Russians are famous for.
Breakfast is included, and for a small extra you can allow yourself the taste of the proper Russian kitchen. Obviously, you can freely use facilities such as bathroom and kitchen (+ inventory). During your stay, you will be given a private room to sleep.

Homestay accommodation

Room type Description
Rates per night, B&B
1 person Private room with single bed
2 persons Private room with double bed
Optional dinner  
Rates are in euro (€). Prices subject to change.

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