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Krasnov Tourist Agency - Perm, Russia Opening up the Urals...

NEW TOUR! Great Ring of the Urals

Study Russian language in Perm, Russia

while having a long holiday
during a 4-week stay
in the centre of Perm
for a very special price!

In co-operation with a Perm language institute we have developed winter and summer school programs
for those who are eager to learn the Russian language in a truly Russian environment.
Individual Russian courses also available, see details below.

Advantages of studying Russian in Perm

1 >
For learning any language, the best results are to be gained when you learn it in its own country, where it is spoken and used in its real manner. Perm is one of the most Russian environments you will find in Russia. As you will be living with a Russian family, you will be in a Russian-speaking environment during your whole stay, greatly adding to the effectiveness of picking up the language.

2 >

The teachers are highly qualified and experienced, offering you the best possible tuition.
3 >
Our summer school program allows much free time to practise Russian and to explore the city Perm and its Ural province. You will actually be living in Perm.

4 >

We organised active summer and winter programmes, which include excursions around Perm and trips to the nature of the Urals - the perfect way to get to know your fellow students as well as the area in which you will be living!


5 >
Teachers will also act as guides, might you require any help or guidance during your stay. Furthermore, a 24-hour emergency telephone number will be available to you.

6 >

Perm lies in the Ural Mountain range and is far removed from the relatively expensive cities of St. Petersburg and Moscow. In comparison with these cities (where similar language travel programs are organised), we are able to offer you extremely good prices.

Summer Russian language course

Winter Russian language course


Study Russian individually

Apart from winter and summer courses, it is also possible to study Russian on an individual basis. As you will be having private lessons, you can agree a course with your teacher and schedule the lessons (amount, frequency and level) according to your wishes. Accommodation will be on homestay basis as described above.
Prices: homestay accommodation 210 euro per week. Lessons at 18 euro per academic hour, with a minimum of 15 lessons. Extra costs 120 euro for arrival transfer and an introduction day with guide to get to know the city. Contact us for details.

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